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Friday, 2 August 2019

Self drafted shrug

Here's a batwing shrug, which I drafted myself, using a similar but different RTW shrug as a starting point.
It is a one size fits many item, designed for a friend who has to wear a neoprene sleeve for lymph problems which makes it tricky to get jackets over the arm, but which she'd like to cover up when going out.

I love it and am very tempted to keep it for myself, however there is some fabric left over and I will make something for me from it, though maybe not exactly this.


Cherie said...

Very cute jacket, clever self-drafting! How nice to give it to your friend in need of something like this! I like the print fabric also!

Alison said...

How kind of you... I am sure your friend will love it! I can envision that fabric becoming a top to wear with a jacket and trousers, depending on how heavy it is