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Tuesday, 4 February 2020

PR 2020 Sewing Bee Round 2 - Pockets:

2020 Sewing Bee Round 2 - Pockets:

Design Process:
I read in the rules that the garment should be made of woven fabric, which triggered the idea of learning to weave! I wanted to highlight the pockets using fabric I had woven myself. So I went to the craft shop and bought a tablet loom, watched some online videos, made a few samples and decided that some pewter ribbon would be ideal. I’ve used the resulting pieces as extra large pocket flaps. (This was my first time weaving and I enjoyed it)

Construction Approach
For the main fabric I chose a grey plaid shot with silver threads which highlights the woven nature of the fabric, and gave me an opportunity to cut the bands and pockets on the bias. I adapted New Look 6397 as I liked the angled component of the hem in View A. However knowing I wanted large visible pockets on the lower part of the garment I made some alterations to the pattern.
- Cut out a size M as the pattern is very oversized.
- Changed the armhole and sleeve head to be more set in (though still relaxed)
- Lengthened the front and back to give more ‘skirt’ for the pockets
- Added a lining

The lining fabric is a silvery colour, deliberately chosen to express my journey through depression. At a distance the jacket reads as grey, but close up the textured pocket flaps, silver threads in the fabric, angles of the hem show that it’s not ‘just grey’. The silver lining represents hope!


Sharon said...

Wow Ruthie, this looks amazing and congratulations on your weaving. Fingers crossed for the next round.

Catherine said...

Beautiful! Hope you get to advance in the sewing bee.

Alison said...

What a clever delightful approach to the pockets! following your Pattern Bee eforts with much hope for your success...

Katrina Blanchalle said...

Amazing! The idea to do your own weaving was a spark of genius and it came out beautifully. And the fabric you used is the perfect background for the pockets. Pewter is my favorite of the silver tones because it has both depth and shine. This jacket is beautiful.