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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

New 6PAC Sew Along from ejvc

 New 6PAC sew along (Autumn 2021) – The Fabulous Dr. E's Fabulous Blog (wordpress.com)

I usually can't resist a 6PAC!

Having packed up all the fabric for moving, it was apparent how much I have.

So anything I sew really does need to come from the existing resources.

There was one combo I noticed whilst I was packing up.

Some stretch suiting in a cool brown with fine pink stripes, and a lovely knit fabric with a pink ground of blossoms and brown stems.

At least there I would have a top and trousers which co-ordinate, and then see where I go from that starting point.

Going forwards I want to be more mindful of the details, maybe zipped pockets in 'normal' trousers. I'm definitely in the 'pockets are good' camp.

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Summer Flies said...

Those cherry blossoms are very nice.