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Saturday, 14 May 2022

Platinum Jubilee Dress Ideas

I rummaged in the knits box and found these 3 fabrics which work quite well together.

I am envisioning a wrap dress, using the blue fabric for the neck binding and ties, and then the red and print for the rest.

I've sketched 3 options all with the blue bands. 

The first has the front wrap and one sleeve in the print and the rest of the dress in red. 

The second has the body in red and only the sleeves in the print, and the third has the upper body in red and the skirt in the print.

In any of them I could also run the blue band down the front edge of the skirt overlap to add a vertical line.

I have 2.8 metres of the plain red, 0.6metres of the blue and 1.4 metres of the union jack flag print.

All of them are lightweight viscose jersey with a little stretch.

I'm planning to adapt this wrap dress pattern from Prima September 2014 (nice to use a British pattern).

Which dress layout do you prefer?


Ginger said...

I think I like option 1. But if your prefer separates then option 3.

KathyS said...

I like the plain red with the print sleeves or the red top with the print skirt.

Jayne said...

I like the first or third choice. I don't like the solid red with print sleeves because, to me, that looks like you ran out of fabric and had to substitute with the print for the sleeves. The others look like a deliberate choice. Between 1 and 3, I like the 3rd the best.

Little Mouselet said...

I like the first, and the third. Not sure the scale of the print will show off the flags when on something as narrow as sleeves.
The third would be easier to adapt to other occasions than the first - that's a proper celebration dress! Don't know if you have other places to wear it to - a Eurovision party next year?

Elizabeth Winfield said...

The first one is my preference.