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Monday, 1 February 2010

Pink cardiwrap

I'm not normally a pink person. I know some women love pink, and embrace it in all its girliness, but I don't like it becuase of being girly and also becuase cool pinks make me look really ill. Coral pink however, as long as its strongly pigmented enough, is actually a good colour for me, and I have just switched to having a pink phase :-)
You know how it is once the serger and sewing machine are threaded you are reluctant to change them - so expect a few more pink pieces before I get pinked out.

I think the pink is reaction to sewing lots of sensible olive and ivory, and wanting something which said 'Spring' even though it is icy. Anyway this top is a pink flower in the Botanical garden :D


gwensews said...

Oooooh, lady in pink! That is such a vibrant color! Love it!

Jenni said...

Very pretty. I think you will get lots of wear out of this. Its so cheerful, ideal for a less than nice day, either weather wise or work wise as it will make you feel good and cheer you up.

Sew Passionista said...

That is oh so pretty.What a lovely pick-me-up-from -this awful-winter-weather piece that will brighten everyone 's day. I feel the same about pink and for me too coral is better.

Ann said...

Very cute and the coral will look great on you. Pink must be in the air - at least it isn't snow up here. I bought fuschia for capris and a fuschia and white striped for a blouse.