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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Stash Goal

During February I've bought about 37 metres of fabric. That's quite a lot. Its all stuff I will use, but in the interests of stash parity and also making room in the fabric cupboard, I am hoping to sew up a similar amount during the stash contest on Pattern review which is on for the months of February and March.

So far I have sewn 7 items and used 14.5 metres, during 3 of the 8 weeks of the contest. At that rate I should manage about 38 metres by the end of the contest, and my target is somewhere in the 37-40 metres range.
As a garment averages about 2 metres per item I need to complete another 13 garments which is a tall order for a 5 week period, and comes down to 3 items a week.

I am trying to keep to only sewing garments for myself and not hare off doing curtains, bedding etc. In particular I would like to sew as many things as is feasible from stash which also fit in with the two SWAP Plans I have going. Nothing like making life demanding :-)
(I have no plans to win the contest, just to meet my personal targets).

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