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Saturday, 6 August 2011


I've been away on holiday, camping at New Wine which is a Christian conference. I had a great time with family and friends, and lots of healing and new challenges with God. The camping part was mostly OK except for the getting sun burnt and then it raining and my tent leaking. The family part was great as I went with my parents and my brother's two daughters. Of course this made us Auntie Ruth, Grandma and Grandad for the week, but we had a great time in those roles.
Following my divorce I've been a bit sad that I've not had any children, so decided to be positive about it and make the most of being Auntie Ruth to my brother's kids, godmother to my friend's son, sponsor a child in the devloping world through Compassion and volunteer to help with the teenagers at church rather than being sorry for myself that I'm not a mum. And I probably wouldn't have the time and energy to do all those things if I had kids of my own.

Anyway I've not really been focussing on sewing stuff, though I did draw out some ideas for the 6 piece Autumn Collection at Stitchers' Guild. This slightly baffled my 8 year old nieces who asked 'But why sew Auntie Ruth when you can just BUY clothes?', I turned this over to my mum (their Grandma) to explain about creativity, choice, the joy of creating your own garment, fit, colour etc. They didn't seem hugely convinced, but we have time yet to work on them! They have made some simple sewing projects with Grandma, though we mostly do crafts with them.

When doing laundry when I got home from holiday I decided to use a pack on Navy Blue Dylon machine dye to overdye some slightly tired blue jeans to be a nice dark blue. They are in the washing machine as I type so I don't know if that's successful yet, but I did something similar with some faded black jeans and black machine dye and it gave the jeans a whole new lease of life.
(Update: the dying seems to have worked quite well although I've done the wrong pair of jeans by mistake - these ones were already a nice dark blue, D'oh!!!!) 

Tomorrow I'm out and about and seeing my godson, and then I'm back at work, so sorry no new sewing projects at the moment :D


a little sewing said...

Ruthie, your thoughts on being a good aunt, godmother and sponsoring a child are heart-warming.
I laughed when you dyed the wrong jeans!!

kbenco said...

Ruthie, I am sure these children are, and will be, very blessed to have you as an important person in their lives.

Rhoto said...

Dear Auntie Ruthie,
Being an auntie to niece(s) and nephew(s) is a SPECIAL role. As I've been told, "Aunt Rhonda, you don't tell me to pick up my room, and stuff..."
Being a "drop in for a popsicle" neighbour lady gives chances to listen.
Being a Sunday School teacher for Kindergarten is a hoot ;).
Children who "need" a fun smile, a wink are everywhere you go.
ENJOY the kids in your life, Auntie Ruth <3
Aunt Rhonda

Jenni said...

Glad you had a good time. I hear you on the leaky tent... not pleasant... been there, done that, got several of the tee shirts. :)

Your plans for the children in your life and the one's who will soon enter it, are admirable and heartwarming. I know you are an excellent aunt and will be an inspirational youth leader.

Julie Culshaw said...

Love your positive attitude. I always get the feeling, reading your blog, that you are a lovely person - someone I would like to know in person.