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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Revisiting the Linking Accessories idea again

Just revisiting the Linking Accessories idea again, I've noticed that most of my necklaces and the ones generally available tend to be just one colour, or one colour with a neutral, but not the netral I want. This is fine but doesn't actually do the linking part as Nancy's examples do. I've also noticed that quite often I want a combo of bead colours in a necklace which doesn't exist - ie I'm wearing red with navy, but my red necklaces are either all red or red with black, similarly wearing orange with navy, necklaces tend to be orange and brown. I also have quite a lot of necklaces which are too long and need the appliance of pliers. I probably need to take some time to be quite deliberate about the colours in the necklaces (and earrings) to tie outfits together.
Below some random ideas gleaned from the web.
If you don't like to bead your own necklaces, a google image search with the colours in it are good, and try different combinations of the words so if you want a lime green and grey necklace, trythat but also green and pewter, apple and anthracite etc - also good for ideas for your own beading if you are not inspired.
I find my necklaces which have 2 colours in them ie turquoise and orange are not that useful, its better to have turquiose and navy or orange and khaki.

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