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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Aprons for craft fayre

I took a bit of a break from sewing clothing whilst I finished of my old assignment at work. I start the new assignment on Monday morning, and am straight into going to site to meet the customer. I think the learning curve at the start will be quite steep, so am not going to sew anything complicated for a bit.
I've had various meals out etc to say goodbye to colleagues I won't be working with anymore, though I did manage to make some time on Saturday to finish off the 2 adult sized plain black aprons, and the 6 green checked aprons (3 adult, 3 children). The child's apron is the only one you can see properly in the picture. The striped bag was previously made, but not pictured before.
With these items and some cream cushions not shown I now have a bagful of stuff for the show. I still have another 2 weeks or so, so can produce a few more items. I have a range of blue velvet backed cushions planned, though not yet cut out, and these should be simple pieces I can sew when my brain is busy with learning the new job.
I've taken a short break from the Artist's Way for a few weeks as I was getting overload.
I'm also taking a break from SWAP until early March probably, but as I have already made 7 pieces I feel that'll be OK, and I can still finish (though probably not be in for a chance to win, but hey that's how these things go, its not advisable to change jobs, move house or get divorced mid SWAP!)


RhondaBuss said...

I know you have a lot going on, but if you can at least do your morning pages, that would be great. Lots of good thoughts coming your way as you start your new job. I know you'll be great.

sdBev said...

Hey when you know you are overloaded, it OK, it is even essential to give yourself permission to reduce the load. Just be sure to keep up any stress busters that work for you. We, your faithful followers will be here to cheer when you return.

Carolyn said...

Best of luck with your new assignment, and I hope your first day went well!