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Saturday, 18 February 2012

PR Red Dress Contest

I planned to sew blue cushions, so of course I fancy a red dress! Something simple I can wear with a jacket to work I think.
Maybe this will help me get back into taking photos of myself wearing the clothes, something I have been rather remiss about recently.
I already have 2 dresses in the SWAP, so don't need it for that, but I shall sew it anyway.
I think I shall go with New Look 6751 View B in plain red ponte, do my normal forward head alterations.I think I'll cut the sleeve and neck bands with the main pieces, and then do a simple facing for the neckline. I'll omit the back zipper too, change the darts into gathers and add a belt.
Other than that it'll be JUST like the pattern!


RhondaBuss said...

Looking forward to seeing your new creation

House of Pinheiro said...

I'm thinking about it too.. cannot wait to see what you going to sew. xx

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good plan:)

Kelley said...

Cute pattern. I'm looking forward to seeing your dress.

Paloma and Jess said...

Love this- very 60's, please follow back:
http://cositsthebeesknees.blogspot.com/ xx