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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Summer Collection - Tangerine Tango Safari

I will be taking my SWAP photos this weekend and sending them to Ann Rowley at Stitchers Guild. Certain composite pictures are not allowed under the rules, so I'll post other pictures here. In particular, my favourite way of showing multiple little Ruthies each wearing a different outfit on a single powerpoint slide so you can see the whole wardrobe isn't one of the approved ways, but its how I like to summarise a wardrobe so will share it here.

Of course as soon as I have finished one collection I start to think about the next one. The lovely Elizabeth is suggested a cream/brown summer 6PAC for me which seems quite Safari like.

And as I am Ruthie I need some colour as well, and thought I would go for Pantone's Color of the year - Tangerine Tango, and add that to the Cream and Brown to get Tangerine Tango Safari! Lol we shall have to see if it works.


Ann said...

I think this will look great on you. If you want to add another seperate colour add red as it looks wonderful on you.

Jenni said...

What a fabulous colour palette. I look forward to seeing this one evolve.

Ruth said...

I'm always impressed by how organised your sewing schedule is - I seem to to swing from one thing to another without reason or design. Is it 'restricting' sewing to a plan?

Janis said...

These colors are beautiful and rich. I'm really looking forward to this collection.