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Friday, 18 May 2012

SWAP Results

Slightly old news for those of you who already frequent the Stitchers Guild, but the SWAP results were announced on Monday. (I've been away on a week long residential course with limited online access).

The Grand Prize goes to: Sharon loves her new blue collection
1st Prize: ahearta's Mix and match Minoru
2nd Prize: Robin's city separates

The rules for SWAP really worked well for lots of people this year. 
I must admit I am not entirely happy with my collection, the complexity of which was reduced from the original plan due to work and personal commitments. However I was pleased that I still managed to complete 11 pieces which met the rules, all sewn within the timeframe.

I'll write a post another day about the whole "What you sew vs what you actually wear" topic, though there's a discussion thread on this at SG. I'm having a bit of a think about this whole area since my sewing drive seems a little sapped at the moment - probably by the SWAP.


velosewer said...

Hi Ruthie.
Congratulations on entering and completing SWAP. You did look happy in your collection. I know you've been busy so just keep motivated because you really do lovely work.

Ann said...

Congradulations on completing your SWAP this year with so much happening in your life. The colours and styles you chose look terrific on you.

RhondaBuss said...

I love your collection. All the pieces are so wearable and mix and match beautifully. You're a winner in my book.