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Friday, 3 August 2012

Simplicity 1784 - poss for Autumn?

I really like this Simplicity wardrobe pattern, and would probably make all the items in it.
The colours are so not me, but I would wear a blouse like that.

I wonder if this is a new Autumn 2012 offering?
Patterns are very expensive in the UK, so I often buy them on sale at shows etc, and have so many I was going to not buy any more other than Burda magazine. But this one really appeals.
Its $2.99 at Pattern Review, so might bizarrely make sense to buy it from there. (Nope not with International shipping rates!).
The question is do I really need it, or do I have similar patterns for the individual components already elsewhere and should just use them for the same look?
I definitely have similar skirt and trouser patterns. I love the blouse, but do have a simpler Prima version. I also have loads of jacket patterns, though not one quite like that.


kbenco said...

I love your Autumn Olympic sewing. This is a nice looking pattern, and I can see you wearing it. I think it is worth 2.99 + postage, especially if you plan to make the jacket and the blouse. It is rare to find a wardrobe pattern with both a long sleeved blouse with a collar , and a jacket with lapels, mostly they cheat on this tricky combination by leaving either the sleeves and collar off the top, or the collar/lapels off the jacket! This way you should be able to have a good combination of under and overlayer without collar clash issues.

SewRuthie said...

Karen, slight minus is I looked and 'international shipping' is $13.99. Making one pattern $16.98. So that's not feasible. I wonder what it is to buy in my local fabric shop?

Judith said...

It does look like a good selection of garments in this package, and all 'very you!'. I have noticed a lot lately that most patterns only have, say, 1 dress in 2 versions. So all this for that price is fairly good value (if you are going to use all of them in one of your collections.) But I feel your shipping cost pain - $15 to Australia!!! But $17.99 is still cheaper than in our shops...sadly...

RhondaBuss said...

Such a stylish and yet very classic wardrobe this will make. Great choice.