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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Navy stripe Textile Studio Santa Monica tee

Here's a little top, cut out and sewn up today.
The top is sewn from the Santa Monica tee pattern (Textile Studio 1211).
I used the short sleeves cut from a plain navy scrap whilst the body is made from leftovers from another top.
I've added a neckband, and used a size L, lengthened by one inch in the body and half an inch on the short sleeve. I also flared out the body from the waist down by about a quarter of an inch. I also added a mock label at the back neck so I know which is the back. We had trouble when we muslined this and I couldn't tell the front from the back.

It is interesting that the stripes/contrast/neckband all work together to give a sporty look rather than the dressier look in the pattern photos.
I am rather pleased with it and can see it being worn a lot with jeans at the weekend.

Next up, the same pattern, only in a light green/white/pink floral lace. Should look very different and hopefully dry quickly making it an option for travel.

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LyndaSewing.blogspot.com said...

Great idea! I think I'd like one too please. :P}}