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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Red ponte dress rescued

I made up this red ponte dress quite a while ago (apparently March 2012!) and it was too big. It sat in a pile for quite a long time until I took with me it a few weekends ago when I went to see Yorkshire Lass.
We've taken the centre back seam in from just below the waist right through to the top of the neck by an inch and three quarters each side - ie by 3 and a half inches. This does make the back narrower than the front, but it was the simplest way to get it to sort of fit.

The pattern is new look 6751. If I made this again maybe I would go down a size. It may be the ponte fabric or just the pattern, I am not sure since I've only made this dress the once. It can apparently be made from knits or wovens and should have a zip down the back which I have omitted.

Anyway it is now wearable rather than a wadder, and works well with an existing purchased jacket which is white with red and black print.

I am making a concerted effort to deal with the wadders by fixing them, donating them or recutting them into something else. This definitely helps the sewing room feel less cluttered which is good.


Judith said...

It's like getting a beautiful new dress just for sewing a sew or two - great save on this dress. You will get a lot of wear out of it now...J

Judith said...

*should have read 'sewing a seam or two' - need to double check before I hit send next time...J

Mary said...

I am all about keeping projects moving through my sewing room. Good for you!