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Friday, 25 October 2013

Amazing sewing goodies

My lovely sewing friend J was getting rid of a 'big pile' of sewing magazines, mostly Burda and asked me if I would like them. I greedily said 'yes please' and she was able to visit today bringing them with her - wow - what an amazing richness to work through!
After she'd gone home I went out to the local discount fabric store and bought myself some more fabric and notions.
Serger cones in peach and chocolate, plus 2 metres of pink and white striped stretch shirting.
And a rummage through the remnant bin produced these wonderful knit fabrics.
Top left - 2.5m gold lurex
Top centre - 0.8m snakeskin print
Top right - 1.2 m mint polka dots
Bottom left - 1.5m pink leopard print
Bottom centre - 2.5m of black/grey/cream stripe
Bottom right - 2m of plain white jersey

The polkadots will be nightwear, the snakeskin a little knit top for work. The stripe will hopefully be a cool dress with the stripes in different directions.
The white, gold and leopard will probably all be tops, though they could all be dresses, I just think they'd get more wear as tops.
As ever they will get washed before going in the stash to avoid future shrinkage problems.
The lurex is a little sheer, so may need to line with skintone jersey or use a pattern with lots of layers/ruching.


Jenni said...

Love the fabrics, particularly the wide stripe and the pink leopard print.

SunnySewing said...

OMG, omg. you lucky girl!!!

Those burdas. how fun to browse them would be great.

L said...

One should not drool over Burda magazines. Yet, I still do. Great haul!