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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Celtic Scarf Outfit 12 (my version of December)

Since I've already used the light coloured trousers with a dark sweater for January, I've switched it round a bit and gone for a similar drape cardigan, worn with toning dark trousers and a contrasting teal/olive print tee and some dark olivey brown dressy shoes.

I think the print in the scarf and the tee play quite nicely together.

The drape cardigan is a lot more drapey, and therefore not a very flattering silhouette. I am considering recutting it somehow to be more like the inspiration piece.

This is the end of my interpretations of the original inspiration outfits. However I still have some co-ordinating garments left to share, and will be doing some of my own versions very soon.


RhondaBuss said...

Nice combination and I like your idea of cutting down the jacket.

Ann said...

Very nice combinations using your scarf. I also like the idea of cutting down the jacket.

Jane M said...

I am so loving these colors. I too just refashioned a sweater and I think your eye if a good one for what works and what doesn't.