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Friday, 21 February 2014

Ivory sweater knit finished

I've had a lovely evening sewing, and am really pleased to be able to share this little sweater knit top, made out of a very small and strangely shaped remnant. The leftover pieces after cutting out were really tiny!
Given how nicely it pressed, I think its a cotton and polyester mix, but who knows!
This is a great little top and I would absolutely have bought it if I had seen it in a store for sale. It will work really well under lots of work suit jackets as well as go with 3/4s of my wardrobe. Yay!!

Now then.... can you see what's happened here?
The needles are actually piercing something metal....
the hem gauge!

I had finished cover hemming the seam detail on the front and had brought the hem gauge through to pull the threads to the back, when my foot slipped back onto the pedal and the machine sewed into the hem gague and jammed.
After a short pause I managed to tap it firmly to dislodge and then finish the manoeuver as planned. The hem gauge does now have two holes in it and is a bit bent but the machine still sewed OK, though the thread did break once later on.

Anyway I was determined not to be thwarted and carried on and finished the top anyway. Phew.


kushami said...

Looks great. I must try this for using up some small pieces!
Which coversitich machine do you have?

BeaJay said...

Love the look of that top. It looks fresh and also unusual. Great job.

Jenni said...

Fabulous top... your poor hem gauge though. I am glad you got it off the machine without injuring the machine.

Linda T said...

Ouch on the seam gauge episode. Thankgoodness it didn't hurt your machine. Great top; I'll bet it gets tons of wear.

RhondaBuss said...

What a pretty little top. Great design lines.