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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

60cm wide Ikea bookcase - finally

I have quite a few old Ikea Billy bookcases in a now discontinued colour called Beech. Two of these are also in the now discontinued width of 60cm and are very handy for those narrower spaces. I have never liked the 40cm wide Billy bookcases and have not bought any.
I have a couple of spaces in the new house which could use a 60cm wide bookcase. So was happy to see the new Ikea GERSBY which is 60cm wide, 24cm deep and 1.8m tall.

There is another Ikea bookcase in black or red the same size but called FINNBY.
Currently no light oak/beech type colours which would be nice and complement my furniture better but these look to be handy.


Summer F-T said...

It's so annoying when manufacturers discontinue things we have and need more of. Lucky you were able to find those shelves! And your burgundy wardrobe looks great. I love your version of the turtleneck and am inspired to make that style, too.


Rob Martin said...

How well has the Gersby bookcase held up for you? I've been debating a Gersby vs. a smaller Billy but the cheaper Gersby has me worried it won't hold up. Any thoughts?