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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

Last year I managed a SWAP and a few other things, made lots of small crafty items and the big achievement was buying my own little house.

New Year is traditionally time for New Year Resolutions, but I think I'll have more success if I have Goals which I work towards.

I think my main goal this year is to deal with my backlog of stuff in a methodical manner.
- Give away to local charity shops things which I don't use which could be used by others.
- Sell a few higher value items I don't use.
- Throw away/recycle some of the old stuff that I just need to get rid of and which can't be used by others.
- Use up some of my supplies, particularly sewing and crafty type stuff.
- Store the things I do love and use in an easily accessible manner

I recently had the sleeve split on a very worn silk blouse and the back seam rip open on some very old PJ pants. I also have lots of under things which are exceedingly worn and tired looking. This is the year those things are getting thrown out and replaced with a smaller number of nicer ones.

A secondary goal is to set up my teeny study/guest room so it is usable and welcoming as a guest room and invite a few of my more distant friends and relations to come and stay should they so wish.

So in order to break it down I am going to set a 3 month milestone when I will review my progress and see what I have achieved between today and the end of March.

- I will donate, throw out or use up something for every day of the week. This may be something I do each day or may be once each week covering several things, depending on my schedule.
- I will get my guest room ready before the end of March and send some invitations out to the friends and relatives who wanted to come to stay, but I could not accommodate earlier.
- I will sort through my paperwork daily if possible, and weekly if not, and set up an ongoing schedule to manage my diary and finances.
- I will do something to enhance my home every month (as a minimum) e.g. touch up paintwork, shorten curtains to properly fit windows etc


Jenni said...

sound like very manageable goals and I will be watching your progress with interest.

Ann (SewBabyNews) said...

Happy New Year to you as well! I have pretty much exactly the same goals as you. Spending less time sorting through stuff will give us more time to sew what we want. Good luck with your plan!