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Thursday, 15 January 2015

More work on the wardrobe

I hung some more clothes which I would wear in Spring Summer (lighter colouring mostly) up on the rail in the loft with the other summer items I moved earlier, plus the brown with orange items which say Autumn to me. I will look at them when the appropriate seasons come and donate anything that's not working for me. My style is definitely evolving to something which is slightly less colourful/patterned so it will be interesting what I think when we get to April.

I now have the suits and jacket outfits back in one wardrobe, shirts/blouses, date night and special occasion up one end of the other. The mismatched trousers, skirts and jackets are now on the rail for attention.

I've put quite a few things I wasn't wearing in the donation pile including 1 pair of boots and 6 pairs of shoes. I had bought new boots/shoes in the last year and just not got rid of the ones which were less comfortable/suitable. I also decided to donate some tan wool pants which I have really struggled to make work. I have some similar dark brown ones which work better with my colouring, so will launder and donate the tan ones, and hopefully someone with dark blonde hair will enjoy them.

I mended the skirt which is part of a black skirt suit with cream piping trim, it had a little section at the bottom of the zip which had come undone. I have a skirt and a pair of trousers which need the waistbands altering which are waiting in the sewing room.

Question: One of the pairs of trousers in the donation pile are me-made and have a black invisible zip. These are quite expensive to buy. Is it worth me harvesting the zip from them do you think?

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