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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bookcase curtains

My only actual sewing this was was something I am calling bookcase curtains.
I have a plain white bookcase which ended up in the living room. It had been in the study/guest room but had to come out once the bed went in. Since it houses folders, manuals, magazine and bankers boxes plus a wire basket of padded envelopes it wasn't too pretty and  for a while I had a throw over it.
I then had the idea to add a twist and fit curtain rod into the top shelf and hang some simple ivory curtains from it. These work really well and reduce the visual clutter in the room.
This is quite a nice idea if you have a bookcase like this storing fabric which you want to protect from the light, though you might want to use something a little thicker than the cotton curtain lining fabric I have used here. You could also have pretty items on the higher shelves and have a curtain just for the lower shelves, used to store plainer things.

I overlocked the fabric all the way round the edge, stitched a narrow hem up each side and a slightly deeper one at the bottom. The top has a 3" casing with a row of stitching 1/2" from the top. The top row of stitching creates a little ruffle above the pole to close the gap at the top.


Julie Culshaw said...

I should do this in my sewing room. My fabric is stashed in bins, and what is out of sight is out of mind. If I put fabric on the shelves, I could just take a peek from time to time to get inspired for what to sew next.

Jenni said...

Good idea. I did something similar a few years ago to hide a messy set of shelves that ran over the stairs... very useful to have deep shelves in a tiny house but ended up full of random stuff and the mess annoyed me hugely every time I walked past. Much less annoying when the mess couldn't be seen. :)