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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dark navy ponte - thoughts

I bought 4m of lovely dark navy ponte, or doubleknit yesterday from the Monday Market Man.
Its lovely and the colour matches the dark navy sections of my print fabric.
I bought 4m so I could make several pieces, so I am thinking about how best to make use of it.
First up I definitely want to make the Vogue 7898 skirt in this fabric.
(Imagine it in dark navy)

I also want a soft cardigan jacket of some sort.
And then I need to have a think about what I would wear - a ponte dress, ponte trousers, a simple top of some sort? Should I try and but some more fabric whilst he has it so I can make a whole wardrobe? Particularly as navy is so hard to match
I've tried making black ponte trousers twice and they look like jog pants to me, so am a bit dubious, though I could try the free download pattern from StyleArc I have somewhere.

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L said...

Why not? =) It's only fabric, right? It's better to try now while the vendor still has some than to regret not buying more to complete the set. Disclaimer: I am a horrible fabric enabler. =)