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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Blue and white floral sweater knit

Here's a top from a blue and white sweater knit I bought on Monday.
It was absolutely lovely to sew, so will have to see what it is like to wear.
I think this could be really nice with jeans or anything navy. There is some left over so I am thinking about a colour blocked sweatshirt for the weekend. I seem to be slightly more drawn to these florals at the moment though I am not sure why.
Here's the gold stripe top on the dummy showing how it drapes at the side when worn.

I bought some new brown leather boots and want to sew some things to co-ordinate those with things I have previously made. The inspiration fabrics from stash are all animal prints and mostly sweater knits, so would not go with each other, but would work with existing plain pieces and the new boots.

So for example one sweater knit has a cream background with grey and brown print, this would let me wear my grey Vogue 2989 ponte skirt with the new brown boots.

This is always the tricky thing for me. I come up with the SWAP plan and start on it then get distracted by shiny new things.
Do I stick to the plan to prove to you that I can do so, or do I follow the current inspiration of fun things I want to sew?

My current approach is going to be stay with white thread and sew things this week using that. I'll try to do as many SWAP garments as I can in that time. I've already rehemmed two white curtain sets so it has been useful.

Then give myself permission to switch over to ivory thread on all the machines, sew some SWAP garments and also some of these new animal print items.

Then move onto navy thread, make DBFs travel robe and my navy based things.

After that I will go to another thread colour and see what I need to sew next.


Jenni said...

what a lovely top. The print is fab and it drapes well. Plus you got your neckband on perfectly.

Anne said...

I like your top. It will go great with loads of things - blue, grey etc. I'm intrigued by the idea of stitching things depending on the colour of thread in your machine.