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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Soft Stripes

Also from the remnant bin this lovely soft fabric has made a really cosy turtleneck in some of my favourite colours. It'll work well with either my coral or duck egg fleece tops I bought in the sale.

New Look 6735 with sleeves lengthened by 4" and a deep cowl neck added instead of the neckband. These are great in the winter.
 It is not really looking like a SWAP is it?  hmmmmm
Ok I think I have it now.

I have got two SWAPs going and I can't really mix both together.

One is navy, white and something else (spring green perhaps).
The other is closer to my original concept board it has coral pink and duck egg blue mixed with ivory, stone and taupe.
Perhaps we'll see which gets the furthest? My favourite is the coral/duck egg blue/neutrals though.


JuliaRu said...

Hi Ruthie. I especially like your latest striped turtleneck, and the navy and white top and pullover. Also, I was wondering if are you being influenced by your sessions with the image consultant in your choices of fabric/patterns?

SewRuthie said...

Hi JuliaRu I've not had any new sessions recently. I am a little concerned that the navy and white doesn't fit my Muted contrast where the soft stripes do. The white/duck egg may be too light. It is hard to know with the shots of the mannequin.

JuliaRu said...

good luck to you. I hope you end up liking all pieces.

Jenni said...

Hi Ruth, this top looks wonderful. Although not shown on you, I can see that it will be very flattering colours for you and it looks really classic yet still you. Excellent work. All your most recent tops have been extremely flattering and I can see how its going to be difficult to choose which set to put in for SWAP. If you end up with enough for two SWAP's, why not put in two. hee, hee.