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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Infinity Scarves for the Charity Craft Stall

The charity craft stall is only 11 weeks away and although I do have some inventory left from previous years I would like some new items too, especially as people do return each year and want something different.

I decided to make lots of infinity scarves using fabric I already have, in particular poly fabrics with lovely prints, which I chose because I liked them but then found I didn't want to wear garments made from the fabric. Any I really like I may keep one for myself as generally you can get two out of a piece of fabric.

Ivory georgette with a print of lavender plants.

Next up a viscose print in olive and wine. One longer, one shorter.

And a single ivory textured scarf (not enough fabric for two).
I have another 10 fabrics which look to be good candidates so this should be a productive avenue.
I also picked up a small mirror so my customers can see how the scarves look when they try them on.

I loosely based my scarves on this online video Tutorial: How to Sew an Infinity Scarf

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Cherie said...

Ruthie, these look great. I remember you gave directions on making them; could you point me to where? I have two pieces that would look great to go with my outfits. Thanks so much!