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Saturday, 11 February 2017

February Fantastic Fabric

Work recently had some changes which massively increased my workload meaning lots of extra hours and quite a bit of stress.
I am ok but it's seriously impacted the sewimg.

However on my recent holiday I did manage to get a bit of time in a local fabric store which I have visited before and thought I would share my purchases. I bought remnants by the piece.
Lovely viscose Jersey in a leaf print. A dark red colour way and a sage green colour way. I love them both.
Next up a soft grey green silk and another Jersey in dark red on deep burgundy. More tops.
A remnant of what seems to be official desigual fabric, and will make a great casual tee or two.
And a bunch of invisible zips as they were 35c each, much cheaper than back in the UK. I got 5 black, 2 brown, one greyish and one burgundy. Great for side zip trousers.
I got these in the Funchal branch of Feira dos Tecidos in Madeira.


Unknown said...

Love your fabric haul especially the dots & the DK red/ burgundy & the leaf print & the well all of it. Nice bonus for all your extra work.
Blessings Baa

Alison said...

Hope you soon will have time for sewing again, and with those lovely new knit fabrics which are so inspiring...I particularly think the red/burgundy one is really good looking!
- indigotiger