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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January Sewing Update

Well its the last day of January and in previous years I would be madly sewing away on the SWAP, but thats not really happened this year.

At the start of Jan I did sew a cream top which could be in the SWAP
Its OK but the neckband pulls up slightly in wear so I don't love it.

After that I took the Christmas decorations down and got a rearrange and declutter type phase going.
I put a different set of curtains and lampshade in the living room (taupe) and moved the cream script curtains into the study. I added a leaf print curtain to the landing window.

I've moved a shelving unit into the sewing room for my patterns and put some fabric in the loft until later. Moved the furniture round in the study and started moving study things out of the living room.

Tried on most of my clothes and got rid of the tired, badly fitting and wrong colours, and spent some time making work suitable outfits from the things which were left.

I have recovered some old chair back, but not the seats yet, and still need to put them back together.
I made some cushions from the same fabric for the wicker chair in the conservatory.
I also shortened the linings and curtains in the living room, though something isnt quite right and I may need to re do at least one of them.

More curtains need shortening and I need to sort paperwork which is something I tend to put off.

Happily Stitchers Guild is back, if in a new cleaned down format. I've found the break quite helpful and maybe will spend a bit less time on there in future, we shall see.

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CAN I said...

You have made your way through a lot of projects this month. Thanks for sharing and for your honesty that not everything happens instantly and sometimes it takes tweaking and rework to finish what you had in mind. Good luck on your journey to better health....