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Monday, 23 January 2017

Further Stitchers Guild Update

Hi all, here's another little bit about SG from Dragonlady on the thread on PR (page 27)

Date: 1/22/17 7:28 PM

Hello again, everyone. :)

I'm just letting everyone know that we're still working on SG. The forum itself is working, but I'm keeping it turned "off" for now as we continue to try to install a newer backup of the database than the one it is currently running on.

If we don't have success with it soon, I'll call it "quits" and turn it back on so we can just move forward with what we have. I just hate losing the posts, private messages, new registrations and other information, so I'm still in the fight to get those things restored.
and then a little further on (p28)
Date: Today at 12:37 PM

Everyone, I *believe* SG is ready to go. However, the guy who worked on it all night left without leaving a progress report, so I'm not certain.

I'm going to leave it turned off for another day, just to play it safe. I don't want to risk anything breaking again after all the hard work.

So...unless there's been some new development to say otherwise, I expect her to be back online -and up to date- tomorrow.



Carol in Denver said...

Thank you for the update. I really miss Stitchers Guild, as I'm sure others do too.

Alison said...

So looking forward to SG coming back online... Thanks for checking in on PR for the information...

Brigid said...

Thank you, Ruthie. I have my fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Eva said...

Ruthie, thank you so much for giving updates concerning Stitchers Guild - I had been away for work over a week and didn't know what was going on - luckily you kept update. Much appreciated!!