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Friday, 27 January 2017

Further Update on Stitchers Guild

This is from the thread on PR

DragonLady writes

Date: Today at 10:33 AM
Sorry for not updating you all sooner.

Truth is, I've reached a point of mental exhaustion with everything, and need to take a break.

The problem, for those of you are computer-minded, is the paths. The paths seem to be correct, as *most* of the page elements display just fine. However, I get constant errors telling me the paths are wrong -but if I change them, everything crashes. As a result, nothing is working correctly. The uploaded images, the avatars, the gallery photos, the site themes and other components don't display at all or -even more baffling- only partly display. If it partly displays, the path must be correct...or is leading somewhere. ???

This problem isn't confined to the SMF forum; rather my "plan B" isn't working for the same reason.

To complicate matters, I guess I really made our hosts angry when I rather sternly suggested that as they had broken the site maybe they should fix it -they've stopped answering my emails altogether.

Finally, I've gotten sick. I guess with the stress and lack of sleep my immunities haven't been great, so now I have a touch of flu.

I'm going to take a couple of days break, and try to come back with fresh eyes.

In the meantime, I'll also explore other options for hosting, etc. in case this just isn't gonna work out.

I don't want to make any decisions when I'm this stressed out, but I know that having other choices on the table will instantly make me feel better, and solutions usually surface when the outlook improves.

So...a short break for sanity and recuperation, and then I'll be back at it.

One way or another -or day or another- we'll be back. I'm not giving up or walking away. I just need to shelve it for a while so I can think more clearly.

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Carol in Denver said...

Thank you for posting this message, Ruthie. How frustrating it must be, especially with no response from the very people who should be helping her.