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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Another Stitchers Guild update

Still on the PR thread at https://sewing.patternreview.com/SewingDiscussions/topic/81539/42

DragonLady writes
Date: 1/28/17 3:13 PM

okay; just left off from chatting with our hosts, and I think we may have a plan that will work for getting us back online.

We're going to "shelve" the current database for now, and start over with a fresh, clean, empty forum. It *should* work, and later the old database can either be merged with the new one we create, or the individual threads can be archived. We'll cross that bridge later.

But this should put us back on the map, and ready to move forward.
 Some responses on that thread about how to recreate content on SG which you may be interested in.

Also some people are now members on a new site http://www.textillia.com/
I have joined but not posted much. It seems like a nice site.

My work is still too busy to have anything much to share sewing wise. I was even in the office on a Sunday writing reports for several hours.
I did shorten some curtains but sadly one is 1/4" longer than the other which is visually very jarring. I will get them sorted out at some point.


Lisa said...

Hi Ruthie, Lisa here (Magimum)
In case you haven't discovered it, there's a Stitcher's Guild Lite up and running, same place as before.
DL is doing a sterling job of reinstating lost threads.
See you over there


SewRuthie said...

Yes managed to get in and reset my password so good to go.