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Thursday, 26 January 2017

More News on Stitchers Guild

It seems that Stitchers Guild did come back briefly, and there was a test thread which I managed to post to.
Unfortauntely after that a few more issues seem to have occured, I've been away for a few days with work so missed them, but have been onto the PR thread and dug out the latest update I can find from DragonLady

Date: 1/25/17 4:13 AM

just poppin' in to say: SG is down again, as some more errors became apparent. I've been working on it ever since, but now it's after 2am so I have to sleep for a while. I'll be back at it tomorrow.

Date: 1/25/17 12:44 PM
I'm looking at options for a Plan B right now

I'm trying to update the old files to work with the new system, but if that just won't work, I'm looking at other options.

Either way, we'll be back online. It just might not be the same familiar system.

We'll see...I'll know far more when I'm done with the processes I'm running now.

Meantime, button orders and household chores, too. My RL often doesn't much respect my online life.... ;)

So wishing DragonLady all the best with her endeavours.

I have some time for sewing this evening but am very weary from my work trip so may not actually have the energy. If I do manage something I think it will be related to curtains linings or shortening curtains.


Rhonda Buss said...

Thanks Ruthie. A few have asked me about the issue and I did not know what to say or where to direct them. I'll do a link to your post to be sure others see it.

Brigid said...

Thank you, Ruthie.

Mary OK said...

Thank you, Ruthie. I have been so concerned.

Linda T said...

A temporary version is SG is up and running now. I posted this morning.