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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Thinking aloud - Christmas Stockings

Apologies these next few posts are me recording my thoughts about upcoming projects as such no pictures, and may well get deleted later.

A colleague and I have planned a charity craft stall in November.
We will reuse any leftover stock from the last time.
However I also want to make some Christmas themed things, mostly Christmas Stockings and maybe wrapping paper storage bags. My colleague will sew more shopping bags.

For the Christmas stockings I will use a pattern I already have used before and make a variety of stockings from traditional green and red versions but also velvets, tartan ( plaid) and faux suede.

I might also use my leather scraps to make some small gift purses / wallets / money pouches for when people want to give a gift of money.

I could also make Christmas cards, Christmas bunting strands and perhaps some Christmas decorations.

Another thought would be fleece hats. Quick to sew using fleece scraps and can be lots of fun. I have some cute cat themed fleece as well as other prints and plains.

I have a Pinterest board where I have been collecting ideas.

I will try to remember to share all the makes as I go for those who are interested.

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