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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Thinking aloud - sewing room sort out

The sewing room is over stuffed making it hard to use.

 Donate old ironing board once checked out the new one.
Work through fabric resources and remove lengths of fabric which don't fit my palette. Decide what to do with the fabric, donate? If so to where etc.
Get access to the fabric which is suitable for the charity craft stall especially velvet, felt, fleece, lining fabric etc.
Donate excess patterns ( hard to do). Same place as the fabric?

See if could reduce fabric storage down to two shelving units rather than 3 and put hanging rail in corner. Would be a lot of work to reorganise.

Shorten net curtain to fit window better.

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Katrina Blanchalle said...

Same problem here - all I've done in the sewing room for the last few months is move piles of stuff around. I know what fabric I need to get rid of, but making the final decision and actually physically parting with 100s of yards (and patterns!) has become a real mental block for me.