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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Burgundy Sweater Knit Top

I traced a pattern from a favourite purchased jumper (sweater), then lengthened the sleeves slightly and added a neckband and cut from a remnant of sweater knit fabric bought from the Monday Market Man for £1.00!
I still need to decide on the hem treatment but I like the shaped hem a lot.
Probably not going to get back into the sewing room until Tuesday evening, so thought I would share it now.
I cleared off the table around the coverhem machine, bought some more burgundy thread, measured and pinned a 1/2" hem on the sleeves and bottom of the top and hemmed it on the machine. Photos another day.
I will now want to sew lots of things which use all that lovely burgundy thread.


andib said...

That monday market man has amazing fabrics!

Carol in Denver said...

That's really pretty! I think it will look nice on you.

sdBev said...

i agree with andlib, that Monday Man comes up with sme fabulous finds. Lbw the sweater.

Faye Lewis said...

Nice work. I like the shaped hem too.