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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Winter 6PAC / SWAKOP 2

So I decided that if I added a winter 6PAC to parts of the Charcoal wardrobe I had started earlier in the season I could get another SWAKOP before the extended deadline of December 10th.
So I decided to keep the refasioned circle print top, the charcoal and teal stripe trousers and jacket, and the ponte stripe cardigan and add the following:-

- Teal wool coat
- Teal cardigan
- Dark teal trousers
- Black trousers OR a skirt from the same stripe as the jacket and trousers
- 2 knit tops, which might be one teal, one turquoise or I might play with some teal and black fabrics (overdyed from black and white).
The pieces should mix and match quite well within the black/charcoal/teal/turquoise colourways.

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Julie Culshaw said...

Teal is my favourite colour, especially a teal green rather than a teal blue.