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Saturday, 10 November 2018

SWAP 2019 Palette refinement

I've been thinking more about the SWAP palette based on the inspiration, what I've previously sewn (and therefore have plenty of) and what's available in the resources cupboard.

Colour Palette

Ink blue – Neutral 1

Stone – Neutral 2

Teal – Colour 1

Rose Pink – Colour 2

I should be able to have 6+ pieces in shades of ink blue and stone.
Plus 1-5 accent pieces in teal, rose pink and prints.

Ink Blue
- Ink Blue Trousers
- Ink Blue Jacket
- Ink Blue Skirt
- Ink Blue Cardigan

- Stone Cardigan
- Stone Knit Top
- Stone Trousers

- Teal Wool coat (wildcard)
- Teal Knit top

- Rose Knit top

- Ink and stone knit top


Catherine said...

What beautiful colors. Will be closely following this wardrobe as it is made. Love your capsule work.

Alison said...

I love the colors and choices you have currently worked out for SWAP...

Anne said...

Lovely colours. Your capsules are so gorgeous.

Angela said...

Look forward to your blog but don't often comment sorry. It seems such a long time since your last post. I hope all well and you will have lots of projects to show us. Angela