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Monday, 17 December 2018

Print fleece jacket - Ottobre Autumn Winter 5/2014 Hoodie #9

I finished this in mid November but I've not been too well so took until now to do photos.
Looking at it now I can see I have not centered the star motif, and the print does not match across the front and back. A lot of that was due to fabric limitations as this was sewn with what was left after I made lots of fleece hats from the fabric last year.

The pattern is based on Ottobre Autumn Winter 5/2014 Hoodie number 9. I made a size 46 flared out a bit at the hip. I also shortened it a little, but kept the side splits and high/low hem. I added in seam pockets made from scraps of a co-ordinating plaid fabric. I also added a centre front zip to break up the pattern a bit as the horizontal stripes were very dominant.


Katrina Blanchalle said...

Beautiful colors! I have done that a few times myself--using the leftovers of a project to make a top--and there's never quite enough fabric! The last time was when I made blankets for my dogs from a leopard-spotted fleece. I swore I would never wear leopard spots, but I ended up trying to piece together a hoodie with the leftovers. It's a hoodie minus the hood. 😆

Sorry you were ill, it's hard enough during the winter without that. Hope you're on the mend now.

expat in Side said...

Good use of fabric, very nice and just what is needed at this time of year, warm and comfortable! Glad you are feeling better enough to post. Have a good Christmas, Angela