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Thursday, 27 December 2018

SWAP 2019 Plans

I decided that I would have Ink Blue and Teal as my Base Neutrals with Stone and Rose Pink as the Accents.
Using this palette I investigated my fabric resources. I then came up with these possible garments (I know its too many but that gives me some wriggle room!).

* Stretch woven trousers
- Stretch woven jacket
- Stretch woven skirt (fabric permitting)
* Knit top
* Cardigan jacket

* Trousers
* Knit top
* Cardigan jacket
* Wool coat

* Knit top

* Lace knit cardigan

* Teal print top 1
- Teal print top 2
* Ink Blue print top
That would be
2 pairs of trousers and 1 skirt
3 jackets and 1 cardigan
6 knit tops
a wool coat

As a minimum I would like to make trousers, top and cardigan jacket in each of my Base neutrals (INK BLUE and TEAL) and then add some accents colours and prints. The reduced set is marked with a (*) and the extras with a (-).

The light is bad at the moment but I hope to do some fabric photos tomorrow

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