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Friday, 28 December 2018

SWAP 2019 Planned fabrics

Here are the fabrics I've chosen for SWAP 2019.
The INK BLUE fabrics left to right - ink blue jersey for a knit top, ink blue and off white print for a knit top, ink blue stretch woven for trousers, jacket and maybe also a skirt and ink blue tweedy fabric for a cardigan jacket.
The TEAL fabrics left to right - print poly knit for a dress/top, print viscose for a knit top. dark teal knit for a top, dark teal woven for trousers and teal tweedy fabric for a cardigan jacket.
And finally a ROSE PINK jersey for a knit top and a STONE stretch lace for a cardigan.

The dark TEAL trousers and knit top are the most attractive to me currently as I have teal thread on the machines and sewing in the same colour story works so well for me. Maybe the tweedy jacket after that before switching to INK BLUE?

I've gone for darker teal as I think this will be more flexible as a neutral.


Let's Get Sewing said...

These are lovely, I like the colour scheme.

garnet128 said...

I so admire that you not only do these SWAP's a lot but that you seem to stick to your plan and follow through. Good for you. I keep thinking that I am going to try it sometime but then that thought is gone almost as soon as I get it. Then I am back to sewing the next thing that grabs my attention with nothing to go with it.