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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Venturing into Instagram

There seem to be fewer blogs to read these days as I think people have gone over to Instagram.
So I've created a profile, but posted nothing so far. Also not sure what's good to follow, so open to ideas.

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starryfish said...

I follow canyousewthisforme , for the sheer amazement and brass nerve of some people's requests of fellow sewists.
sewover50 (sorry I don't know your age) for lovely creations by older ladies.

I also follow several fabric sellers so I can increase my stash!
Manuela in Hong Kong is also on instagram.
I haven't posted anything myself but I may do one day.

Bunny said...

I've signed up but rarely go there and only shortly posted there. It just doesn't pull me in for some reason. At this point, in a very short period, we are probably already considered "old school" as we continue to blog. For me though, reading blogs provides so much more depth to the topic and writing the blog is something I give a lot of thought to and really enjoy. I am just not an "instant" person in a lot of ways. I keep reading and so appreciate those who still blog and there are great ones. I will say I use FB a lot and frequesnt a lot of FB groups which I enjoy. In them I find many younger sewists who appreciate the help of more experienced sewists and find I can conatribute. I've gotten quite a few younger followers to the blog this way which I really appreciate. I love to pass on the passion to the next generation. Insta is just to quick for that sort of thing. Keep blogging Ruthie.

Alison said...

I hope that you don't stop blogging, I intend to keep on with it... I do participate in Instagram, but for me, it is more like a photo album with comments than the sort of nuanced and useful writing blogging allows. When I am home on my computer, I will comment here again with the sewing related Instagram accounts that I follow, so you can take a look at them and see if any appeal

Anne said...

I lost my first comment (my mother is in hospital so working with my mobile). Anyway I agree with Bunny. Please still blog. I read and comment and list blogs (when I'm not as busy as I am at present!) I also follow specific FB groups. I'm on Instagram as @amcclure54. There is an issue with their algorithm - which posts they show you, when and in what order. I follow people; most groups eg CSC are on FB and IG. Another problem is the number of strange men who try to message and follow you! They are a real nuisance and need to be blocked.A good thing ing is that it's speedy. You can suck it and see!

Anne said...

Post blogs not list!

KathrynT said...

I love a blog! Not enough info on Instagram. I also really appreciate the list of blogs at the side to help me find more blogs. I also love a blog surf!

Lisa Laree said...

I got an instagram account several years ago to follow an organization...just to keep up with them. I was shocked to see that I had folks actually following me when I didn't post hardly anything.

I still don't post much to Instagram...mostly because I HATE typing out text on my teeniny cell phone keyboard. And I always have something to say about a picture, lol.

Blogging will always be my first love, even if I'm only doing it for myself. ;-)

Catherine said...

I'll add my plea for you to keep blogging as well. I really enjoy your posts and wardrobe capsules. I have an Instagram account but don't use it. I got several message requests and followers among men before I could even post. Made me very leery of the format for posting pics of myself.