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Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Finished Hiking Trousers

The Hiking/Travel trousers have been finished a few days, then worn for 2 days and put through the wash and dried.

They have 8 pockets. 2 zipped front pockets, two jeans style pockets (extra deep), 2 back pockets with velcro closure and two leg pockets with button and flap closure.

Today I replaced the webbing on a Craghoppers belt with elastic to hold them up when the pockets are full.

Elastic belt through loops

One of the front zipped pockets (open)

Front zipped pocket closed

Back pocket with Velcro closure

Inside out showing the nested front pockets

The front of the trousers (realistic colour)

One of the buttoned leg pockets

The back of the trousers.


BarbaraShowell said...

Interesting. Theses are, I presume, real hiking pants, work pants. What fabric did you use to protect from briars and bugs? What’s water a factor in the fabric choice? I love the thought put into pockets and the weight of them.

SewRuthie said...

Hiya Barbara, the fabric is from deep stash and seems to be a stretch woven cotton mix.
I own multiple pairs of purchased non-stretch hiking trousers and find them fairly uncomfortable, but I do like the pockets, so this was my first attempt at a better fitting version.
The fabric has a smooth surface with a tight weave so I think will withstand briars and bugs to a reasonable extent. No idea how they will feel in heavy rain.
I'm taking them away on a trip so will see how comfortable and practical they are in action.

Alison said...

Hi Ruthie! I'm really impressed with the variety of pockets you have created on these pants, and hope they serve you well on your upcoming trip. Adding in the details that are personal favorites is one of the special delights of sewing-our-own gear.
- Indigotiger

Ginger said...

I love all the pockets. Great job!