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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Trying to match the fabric

Grrrrrrr. I've just come back from going through all the clothing fabric that was in the offsite storage unit and have brought a few pieces back with me and have more options for tops as well as several different linings for the jacket.
Annoyingly the charcoal colour in my 'key' fabric is neither black, grey or dark brown instead being a browned dark grey and as such nothing much in my bottom weights matched with it as they were all too grey, too brown, too blue or too green. I have some fabric still stored in the house so will look at that next in hope.

Interestingly the leftover fabric from this blouse (which was part of my 2007 SWAP and the only piece which still fits) matches beautifully.

So on the PR weekend I will concentrate on finding some matching bottomweight fabrics and something for the dark blouse (the idea of this is a shirt which can be worn as shirt or soft jacket)

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