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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Amber Glow progress (or lack thereof)

The Amber Glow progress is frankly minimal. I have lost interest in it which is terrible.
I have also lost my invisible zipper foot despite much hunting which gained me an entire box full of pins and
a vial of sewing machine oil, but no foot.
So today I gave in and ordered a new one from Jaycotts. I use it so much I am desperate without it.

I am already thinking what I can add in to the SWAP that is purchased or previously made, and have in mind a previously made cream blouse and a purchased brown jacket. I think my main issues are a lot of paid work interfering with sewing time, and not wanting to sew dark brown now it is Spring.

Anyway I will have some time to sew over Easter but may go off piste a bit and make PJ pants or something.
I'm now about to go away again with work for 3 days.which whilst interesting and useful sure cuts into sewing time a lot.

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Sew Passionista said...

Ruthie,maybe you just need a break and then you'll find your enthusiasm back.
Thank you for the nice comment on my DD's Tote bag. She really loved it.