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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Botanical Garden: previously made items

The SWAP rules allow for 2 previously made items, and I thought suddenly of these two pieces.
The dress is sleeveless, very long and has an empire waist seam and scoop neck.
I tried to match the print in the centre front, and chose to have the strongest 'stripe' in the fabric running through the centre.
The skirt is made from crinkle fabric and has three tiers, each only very slightly gathered to the next, which keeps it all slim line.The hem has a floral machine embroidery all the way around with seed beads sewn into the centre of each flower and on each trailing stem. It took many hours to sew the beads on, but having started I had to have them go all the way round.

I chose to include these particular pieces for several reasons:-
- these are more summer weight and allow the collection to go through until summer.
- the dress features a print and the skirt embroidery and bead work so they fit into the themes of the SWAP.
- the colours work well with the other botanical garden pieces, as does the overall look and feel.
P.S. I also tidied up the sewing room and have to say it is looking MUCH better. I only found one pair of the orange handled shears though, but 2 tape measures, 3 boxes of pins, a seam ripper and some interfacing.
The best thing was getting back to the table top :-)


Jenni said...

The pre-made items both fit beautifully into the overall SWAP and give it a trans-seasonal (is that really a proper expression?) appeal.

Anonymous said...

Wow..I love your whole swap. You are so inspiring! Now I'd like to see you modelling some of them!! :)

sdBev said...

Ruthie these are wonderful. I do like what you are doing.