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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Bond's Button Cards

Also from Bond's these buttons were 10 pence a card. Of course the challenge is to find more than one card of the same buttons which is often almost impossible. As you can see I have gone for my favourite colours in particular orange, as I had in mind a tee shirt with a large asymmetric button embellishment, something with an organic shape, but in the meantime they are like sweeties in a box!
I have neither counted the cards nor the buttons, but there are a lot.


Melissa Fehr Trade said...

omg. Where is this place? Are they online? 10p a button is fantastic!

RuthieK said...

near Leeds in Yorkshire
R L & C M Bond Ltd
93-95 Town Street
Farsley, Pudsey LS28 5HX
0113 257 4905

sdBev said...

OMG! So much eye candy!

Sharon said...

How delicious!

Silknmore said...

These buttons are just fabulous - what fun.