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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Partywear Update

Perhaps unsuprisingly, the red fur jacket and blingy stars dress have been hard to wear in real life.
The dress is stretching out across the back neck and needs elasticting back into place. I think it would have more life as a top with black jeans, so will hem shorter.
However I've worn the black dress with the gold sparkle multiple times and it washes up well ready for the next occasion. Each time I've accessorised it a little differently - jacket, necklace, boots etc. So this one is definitely a wardrobe keeper. On Friday I wore the velvet leggings and a cami under the dress for warmth and a previously made shrug from the same black velvet.
Icy underfoot so stuck to my flat boots.

Although I'm seeing family for Christmas and New Year I am back home in between, and will be starting the SWAP sewing as well as having a frank assessment of my wardrobe. It's crammed and not everything is wearable. And New Year is a good time for reassessing I find :-)

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Dixie said...

Sorry to hear not all of your holiday garments worked well, but glad to hear this dress is a success. Wardrobe sorting and getting rid of is a worthy end-of-year project, for sure. Happy Holidays to you, Ruthie, from across the pond!