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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Red Fur Shrug

The red fur shrug is done. I shall now go and hoover everywhere. Not too bad on the fluff front tbh since I cut from the back in a single layer.
The back has a long wedge to make it wider, as I made a mistake when cutting out, but actually I quite like the almost swing coat look that gives from the back.
The lining is matt slightly crinkled mystery fabric which was a very good colour match. I had thought about black satin, but actually this is a much better look I think.
I had bought some ribbon to use for ties, but am not currently convinved that is a good idea, instead I plan to sew a fur hook in the tie position and see what that is like.
Its based on the shrug from Simplicity 4192 view C, only with the upper and lower sections pinned together before cutting out, the back detail as mentioned earlier and a bagged lining.
Bagged linings always give me a moment of severe doubt having sewn the sleeve hems up, but before turning through!

I also cover hemmed a dark PURPLE jersey RTW maxi dress to be a midi dress. I also hemmed the piece I cut off so it could be a sort of scarf should I so desire. I also removed the empire waist ties. The whole original look was rather frumpy I thought, but cinched at the waist with a wide purple belt and hemmed to midi length it works much better for me.
Black version of my purple dress (pre alterations by me).

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Ann said...

Great shrug, Ruthie. It will be a great piece to wear this Christmas.