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Monday, 8 July 2013

Fabric Shopping

On Saturday I had a trip to the local discount fabric store and raided their remnant bin. I was pleased to find a few tubes of knit fabric, but as usual there, not quite what I went in for.
Top row
Top left - grey/burgundy/white striped tubular knit remnant - destined for winter PJs, prob as the top, with burgundy rib bottoms.
Top centre - salmon pink rib tubular remnant - either a turtleneck top or more winter PJs.
Top right - cream twill for bags with blue webbing for bag handles - neither quite the colour I was looking for but close. (off the roll, not a remnant).
Bottom row
Bottom left - 2 remnants of tubular sweater knit, black with cream, will have to see which side I like better. For a sweater.
Bottom centre - self stripe black knit, black is always handy.
Bottom right - grey and white stripe tubular knit, probably a turtleneck top.

Other than the bag components, this is all more winter stuff, so will not get sewn up for a while. We are having a heat wave here so I have got my box of summer clothes out, but do fancy a multiple fabric gored skirt - think plain red/red polka dots and red paiselys would be too much???


RhondaBuss said...

I think the combination sounds interesting. go for it!!

Sandra said...

H Ruthie, ooh, I really like the idea of two prints (especially the two you selected) for a gored skirt for summer! Light, fun, pretty: perfect for summer!

Rose said...

I like the idea of multiple prints in a gored skirt.I look forward to seeing it!!