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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Test garments

I'm generally not a fan of making test garments becuase it seems like a waste, but sometimes even I have to admit that when I'm trying a new pattern, or need to fix an obvious fitting problem, its often the best approach.
Once I had finally figured out how to alter for my forward head/rounded upper back, my knit tops just fit so much better. So I've used two remnants of burgundy uphostery fabric to make up the jacket from
New look 6082 which I used to make the knit jacket for the SWAP. I've already made the forward head/rounded back alterations to the pattern, but want to tweak a bit for sway back plus check out how it works in a woven rather than a knit.
I may get YorkshireLass to take a picture as she's going to help me a bit with some fitting this weekend (woo hoo). Once we have the fit nailed, I will probably do a Ruthie and make about six of them (to match existing skirts/trousers) and then will have suits. Then I'll roll in into making up some boiled wool for the winter (soo warm and comfy).

Anyway I'm completely pooped from sewing up the test jacket, so need to pop off to bed now.

P.S. I tried on the red dress I made recently and the fit is spot on. Neat through the shoulders, neck and bust, slightly looser through the tummy but with the suggestion of a waist at sides and back and then the skirt flaring out and skimming over the peary lower parts. I already prewashed the fabric so hopefully won't get any shrinkage, and it works great with the RTW jacket I planned it to go with.

I wonder if I would get any wear out of a white below knee length short sleeved version of the dress for when I want to feel fresh at the weekend..... I have some fabric, but have trouble keeping white clean. It would looks cute with red/navy or turquoise/fresh green.


kbenco said...

Yay, a jacket (or 6). I have some boiled wool for a jacket too but it is just looking at me until I find the right pattern.
A white dress sounds really nice. As for not being able to keep it clean, who can! that is why washing machines and )2bleach were invented ;)

Rose said...

I usually do a test garment for a woven jacket, but can fix knits, if needed, most of the time. That's a nice jacket pattern. I know what you mean about white garments. They look so nice until I do something!

Mary said...

I love all the pieces of this wardrobe pattern, and look forward to seeing your jackets from it.

Sandra said...

It's so wonderful to get past the test phase, isn't it? A white dress with bight accents (jacket, etc) -- sounds lovely and so summery! Looking forward to seeing some photos.

L said...

As Sandra said, it is a great feeling to get past the muslin phase. I make muslins for almost everything so that I can test the fit and see if it's a flattering look for my frame. Once that's over, you can "do a Ruthie" (love that!) and make as many as you'd like.